Our Security Systems Services

Intrusion is more than just an alarm system. Childress Solutions will use the latest technologies to provide you and your facility secure solutions and peace of mind 24/7.

Access Control

Protecting your business from data breaches involves both physical and logical access control. We are skilled in exterior and interior access control panel installation in residences and commercial facilities that require access card readers, intercoms, and other points of entry systems. Cybersecurity risk is just as important, and we will analyze risk factors and recommend appropriate solutions to minimize the risk to your cybersecurity posture.

Burglar Alarm Systems

The safety of your business or home, both internally and externally, should be at the top of the priorities list. Our burglar alarm system installation begins with a site survey that includes location, cabling and any required auxiliary equipment needed for the installation. We are experienced in wireless and wired systems and perform a full test of each system to ensure maximum security.

Intercom & Door Entry Systems

You have every right to know who is outside of your facility prior to letting them enter. Professional installation is strongly recommended for your business’ intercom and door entry system. Childress Solutions LLC is experienced in many types of voice and video intercom systems installations in commercial office buildings, classified government facilities, hospitals, schools, and multi-dwelling units.

Video Surveillance

At Childress Solutions LLC we recognize the security and safety of your company and information is vital. Closed-circuit television (CCTV) services are essential to businesses, government facilities, schools, hospitals, residences, and more. Hiring a team of knowledgeable and professional security system installers will ensure all spaces are secured through visual surveillance from anywhere at any time.

Risk Assessments

Risk assessment is critical for every business to identify potential hazards and analyze what could happen if a hazard occurs. Our risk assessment team takes an in-depth look at assets at risk from hazard: people, buildings, information technology, utility systems, machinery, goods, and more. We also identify vulnerabilities that impact an asset if a hazard should occur. These vulnerabilities include deficiencies in building construction, security, process systems, and more. You will be given a full report of potential hazards, assets at risk, the impact analysis, and our recommendation for moving forward.

Mass Notification & Voice Evacuation Systems

Mass notification systems (MNS) communicate what actions to take in the event of an emergency. Childress Solutions LLC determines what networks to connect to, and how to differentiate between other security and safety alarms. Let our experts connect your building alarm systems so it can confidently react in an emergency.

Life Safety Systems (Nurse Call & Area of Rescue)

Have a professional inspect your network for appropriate connections or install a new life safety system in your facility. Childress Solutions LLC will assess the size of the building, current specifications and determine any future growth for placement now. We are experienced in many types of life safety systems, including nurse call and area of rescue in respect to its central location point.

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