Our Telecommunications Services

Telecommunications services and installation are essential to your business’ process, storage, and communication. We provide smart and secure connections for functional transfer of data across networks

Demarc Extension of DS3, T-1, Analog Lines, Digital lines, DSL, POTS Lines, and more.

The demarcation(demarc) point is the point at which data vendor lines end and your company’s network connects. It is essential to extend demarc cabling to reach the data system that runs your network. Most companies require a hybrid of solutions to meet the service demands. Our professionals recognize the individuality of each company and its environment. We analyze the current circuits on site prior and recommend the best solution for today, keeping in mind any future updates.

Wireless Access Point Installations

Wireless access points today are essential and serve as a hub for devices to connect securely and conveniently. Easily move devices and add users to the network as needed. Create access for internal and external users by differentiating between networks and configuring maximum wireless security. Our professional wireless access point installers will provide knowledge of the best wireless access point placement and configuration options to meet user and business needs.

VOIP Telephone Systems

Mobility and cost efficiency are two of the leading drivers behind VoIP (voice over internet protocol). VoIP allows users to login to from anywhere on their computer or mobile device. The cloud-based technology behind VoIP offers time-saving features such as transcribed voicemail and is much more cost-effective. Our experts can upgrade your system for maximize use of future communications.

PBX Maintenance

A private branch exchange (PBX) is a business telephone system or private business network that allows users to switch between, and share, phone lines. Our team can update an outdated PBX system to keep communications running smoothly.

Cross-Connection of Voice and Data Cabling

Cross-connection of voice and data cabling equate to cost savings and increased reliability with less room for interference. Our certified installers analyze your specific business set-up ensuring network equipment has the proper capabilities to move forward. We then suggest the best configuration based on your business today and where you see it growing in the future.

Riser Management

Our riser management installation begins with a system audit to locate abandoned cables that if left, pose a future safety hazard. Riser management professionals will then label cables and run them to a central location – often a telecommunications closet – where they will be managed and stored to improve your business’ communications.

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