Our Cabling Services

Our experts plan, design, and install new networks based on your specific communications system. Our structured cabling services allow for the relocation, troubleshooting, and maintenance of existing networks.

Cat 5, Cat 5E, Cat 6, Cat 6A, and Coax Data Cabling

Our professionals are well versed in the cable categories including network cabling and will know which one to apply to your business based on network size and capabilities.

Single-Mode & Multi-Mode Fiber Optic Installation

Single-mode fiber optic cables are usually for long-distance, high bandwidth. Multi-mode fiber optic cables are ideal for shorter distances and for A/V applications. Childress Solutions LLC certified professionals access your specific needs and infrastructure to determine the best cable installation option.

Fiber terminations (LC, FC, SC, ST, & More)

Fiber optic terminators serve as the termination point for fiber optic cables. Most common connectors SC, ST, FC, and LT. Our team of experts will determine the proper connector use for your network

Datacenter Cabling

Childress Solutions LLC professionals have the knowledge and experience needed to run your in-house data center. We assist with the design and planning of new data centers and can maintain and update existing data centers to meet changes in technology.

Overhead Rack and Raceway Design and Installation

Maximize your floor space and maintain a safe environment by routing, protecting, and storing cables overhead. Our team of experts have helped many businesses secure cables and can recommend a variety of layout options.

Cable Management

Cable management is essential for business’ safety, performance, and overall appearance. Having a cable management system in place allows for easy troubleshooting in the future, as needed.

Structured Cabling Testing

Our experts test structured cabling systems to check for fiber optic cable system loss, improperly lain wiring, or damaged cables. It is essential to have structured cabling testing done for maximum network operations.

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