Our Fire Systems Services

Childress Solutions LLC provides fire alarm systems installation ensuring top priority remains the safety of the building and the people inside of it. We perform fire system services for commercial, institutional, and residential spaces. Contact us today to ensure you get your building guarded with the latest fire alarm technology.

Fire Alarm Control Panels

Fire alarm control panel installation services and maintenance begin with professionalism and safety in mind. Our technicians know the codes and ensure all equipment is wired to reach every area in your facility. Control panels are tested prior to installation and each time maintenance is performed.

Fire Alarm Systems

Our expert team of professionals is experienced in new fire alarm system installation and upgrading existing fire alarm systems. We assist with the design process and complete all wiring. After wiring and system installation are complete, a full test will be carried out to ensure proper functionality and that all codes and standards have been met.

Smoke, Heat, & Carbon Detection

Smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide detectors can be hardwired into a home or business and require professional installation. Our experienced team knows what connections are needed and where to place each unit. Prior to completion, a full test is carried out to guarantee proper use.

Fire Suppression System

Fire suppression system installation begins with a superior design based on the area and equipment needing the most protection. We have experience installing pneumatic and electrical fire suppression systems in restaurants, office buildings, and industrial centers.

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